Customer Insight 2014

Building a Truly Customer-Centric Approach

This brand new, must attend conference goes beyond the question of data, showcasing the opportunities, information and strategies to inform a comprehensive customer-centric strategy for your business. Providing unrivalled knowledge and expertise from industry leaders, revealing cutting edge research analysis, this event will provide an exciting forum to debate the future of consumer identity and it’s role in shaping the future of retail. 

In a time of tumultuous change, a dwindling economy and dynamic technological advancements, retailers are continuing to face a number of significant challenges. Using customer insight to build a competitive advantage is entirely necessary, but the question remains: how do you turn data into actionable insight?


Assessing the impact of the digital environment on consumer behaviour and highlighting examples of innovative best practice on generating consumer insight into customer needs and desires.

Understand consumers’ motivation to spend and how to redefine your marketing strategy utilising behavioural data

Retailer case studies and discussion will draw on recent experience and successes in relation to leveraging customer data analysis to deliver improved customer experience

What is more important and how this decision can make a significant impact on your future strategy?

Why understanding your customer is key and knowing what needs to be in place for them

Advantages of a Professional Search Engine Marketing Company

online marketing word cloudManaging online advertising well for your business is one of the most important things you can do these days in a world where everybody is online. Of online marketing has the highest return on investment of any type of advertising that’s available. That’s because instead of for your advertisement in front of people who are checking their mail, trying to watch television, or listening to the radio as in the case with direct mail marketing, TV commercials, or radio advertising you are only getting a message to people actively looking for the products, services, or information that you have. This is extremely powerful, and your business cannot afford to the unseen the potential customers are looking for you.

This is why having a search engine marketing company if then is the best ways to advertise online for your business is critical. This can be the difference between breaking even and having a hugely successful year for your business. The first is step of course is to make sure her company has a web site, that having a web site is not enough. Without the right ways to promote your site it’s like a ghost town on and the Internet that nobody knows about. This is the struggle that many business owners go through and understand its way they’re not getting business through their online presence.

online advertising stept

Difference Between Search Engine and Traditional Marketing

If an online marketing company can get your website in front of the people who are looking for the exact products and services that you have to offer. They do this primarily through get to your site listed on popular web sites, directories, and search engines across the web. The two most powerful and most common types of online advertising are search engine optimization, and pay per click advertising. SEO for short, search engine optimization get your website ranked on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo or customers are actively searching millions of times every day for products and services. This is done through a process of making sure your website is seen by the search engines as highly relevant for search terms people use to look for companies like yours.

Pay Per Click or PPC advertising is similar except, you spend money with the search engines to show an ad for your website alongside the search results. While very necessary, these processes are also complicated to master. Experts in the industry are constantly adjusting their techniques, split testing, and reacting to the many changes from search engine updates. Because of this, it’s usually necessary to hire a professional online marketing service. Otherwise you will most likely never see organic and rankings for your website that meets its potential or be able to optimize a pay per click campaign so that it’s profitable.

Courteous Service And A Clean Home

Why Professional Carpet Cleaning Consumers Should Value High Quality Customer Service

carpet cleaning technician showing quality customer service skillsWell any skilled professional carpet cleaner can remove the stain from your carpets or rugs, there’s a lot more to being a true professional than simply removing stains. With many service industries forgetting about the service aspect of their job, it’s always refreshing to see a business who didn’t forget about how far a little bit of courteous goes went on the job. That’s why I wanted to share my experience with these carpet and rug cleaning professionals, A local home and carpet cleaning Business near my hometown of Chesapeake Virginia.

What sets green dog park from other carpet cleaning companies is their process and attention to detail. First of all they wear a uniform and arrive in a branded truck so you know who is pulling up to your house and knocking on your door. When they came inside they were very friendly and were very careful about moving some of my furniture out of the way so they could get to every spot that needed to be cleaned.

I noticed they went over each area multiple times with the cleaning machines that were mounted to the trucks. When I asked him about this the carpets after chemdrytechnicians let me know they were able to get a lot more cleaning power for the truck-mounted system, something many other carpet cleaning companies are not utilizing. This, and the care in which they went about their work made me feel like I was definitely getting my money’s worth from their service.

So while some people might disagree about what’s really important when having something as simple as getting your carpets cleaned, I think that friendly service and attention to detail is almost as essential as the work being performed. That said, when Chem-Dry left my home I could not find one spot that was left, and there were many when they arrived. I’m very pleased with the service I got and if there is a location in your area check them out and hopefully your local chem-dry does us high-quality work as mine.

The Struggles of Finding the Right Auto Repair Shop

Consumer Car Repair Advice

I have lived in the same city for four years now and only recently found a reliable auto repair shop, the one I trust now is called arrow transmissions & automotive repair. For some reason, companies in the car repair industry can vary a lot in price, quality, and the services they perform. I’ve had quite a few different struggles over the last few years because unfortunately my car has not been very reliable. Here are some of the problems I have had while trying to find a mechanic to work on my car.

First, some auto shops only work on certain makes and models or have a specialty and perform subpar work on other brands and makes that they are less familiar with.

Second, some of the smaller shops can be very reliable. Their hourly rates are either high, they never seem to have the right part, or the quality of work varies a lot depending on who is working on your car each time you bring it in.

mechanic working on fixing a carWorking with the dealership can be a struggle to especially if your warranty has run out and that wasn’t the store you originally bought your car from. When this is the case, service of these places can be pretty expensive and I have found they want to hold your car for days while they get around to doing the work even if it’s something relatively simple like fixing or replacing the brakes.

There are also specially shops who only do oil changes, mufflers, electrical work, or body damage repair. Sometimes these companies are not the best at describing what they do and don’t do on their websites. This can be frustrating when you try to drop your car off only to find they do not perform the work you need to be done on your vehicle.

I have also had a friend or two try their luck at fixing my car when it breaks down or need some routine maintenance. And unfortunately, things have not always turned out so great when I trust friend with my automobile. When they break something else in addition to not fixing the original problem I have nowhere to turn and can’t get mad at them because they were doing the work for free or very low-cost.

One of the biggest recommendations I can make so you don’t go through the same three-year struggle with finding a reasonable quality car repair business is to do your research before your car breaks down and you’re forced to take your car to the first shop that will take it. This is why I have been to so many different service and repair shops over the years when I could’ve been taking into one reliable place the entire time.

Budgeting for Home Repair Expenses

It’s hard to write a check for expenses like repairing water heaters, fixing sewer lines, and air conditioner fixes. These are things that we expect will continue working on a month to month basis. BudgetingIf you are organized with your finances and spending habits, you will hopefully have some wiggle room for unforeseen costs like vehicle repairs, plane tickets for family emergencies, etc. Some people live above their means, or earning power, but it will always benefit the consumer to life more humbly than just their bank account mandates. This way, you will be prepared when life likes to throw a wrench in the flow of every day life. In these instances, it is often best to call a professional plumber or contractor to get your life back to working order. However, some minor malfunctions can be fixed all on your own with a few tools and a little guided instruction. Here’s our plumbing tip of the day that you can do all on your own to save a few extra dollars.

You may have notice that your shower head has some clogged jets and some mineral buildup. This is particularly common in areas with “hard water.” There is any easy way to clean up these deposits and restore full flow to your shower. Remove the shower head using a pair of channel lock pliers. Place an old rag or some electrical tape between the locknut and the pliers to protect the shower head’s metal finish. Turn counter clockwise to loosen the head then use your hand to remove it the rest of the way. Soak the shower head overnight in a bowl of vinegar, then brush away any residual minerals with an old tooth brush. If the shower head is stuck, or you just don’t want to remove it, you can fill a plastic bag with the vinegar and secure it around the shower head with a twist tie, zip tie, or rubber band. The lime and minerals will dissolve overnight.